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Rubén Boroschek y Associates

RBA provides knowledge in Structural and Seismic Engineering, advising and supporting our clients in high complexity projects. Knowledge, quality, innovation, science and technology are our tools to give the best solutions.

Ruben Boroschek and Associates (RBA) is a leading engineering company in high complexity project consultations. Founded in 1998, it has been mainly dedicated to the seismic and structural revision of structural projects, and offering support on specific matters to other related consultant companies. With thirteen years of experience, this company has developed projects within the most diverse areas of structural and seismic-resistant engineering, which includes mining industry, energy, petrochemical industry, hospital infrastructure, commercial and housing construction, roads, port and industrial infrastructure, between others.

With over 100 projects developed in these past years, RBA has become a MINVU first category seismic reviewer and qualified reviewer for CODELCO Chile projects.

Since the beginning, RBA has been directly linked to the development of tools and procedures for the assessment and mitigation of seismic vulnerability of strategic infrastructure, oriented towards protecting the function and investment of our clients. The company’s projects have placed special emphasis on the innovation and development of new technologies geared towards satisfying the most challenging design requirements of our clients.

Actually, Ruben Boroschek & Associates has also expanded its services to the Peruvian market.